Custom Exotics are happy to offer sand and soda blast services to those who require. Though we see it as a last resort, bare metaling a vehicle or panel is sometimes a nescessity, we have various options as how to achieve that result. whether it be by stripping the panels back slowly and very carefully by hand, or employing the more effective technologies of Sand or Soda blasting.

Each technique has its specific benefits; and uses, we will be happy to talk customers through the options and drawbacks of each medium to decide apon the most benificial service for your needs.

A bare metal Repaint can be a very daunting prospect. Many horror stories abound and there is potential for uncovering extensive problems but if done correctly by professionals can yeild very long lasting results! Adding years to a car's lifespan and potentially vastly increase its value!

If you think one of these services is suitable for you please call or email us for more information and prices!