If you are Restoring your vehicle why stop at having the engine, interior and bodywork restored?

The chassis is the backbone of any vehicle, so maintaining it is of the upmost importance!

To create the perfect showcar or recreate that showroom finish your chassis will need to be like the day it was made, if not even better!

Patching and plating rust holes is not a problem, however sometimes we will insist that sandblasting may be your only chance of salvaging a rotten chassis with any guarantees of solving rust issues and maintain your safety and the structural integrity of the car!

We can remove and smooth original ugly welds, or simply smooth the entire chassis! 
Having your chassis sandblasted and zinc coated for the ultimate protection is something that will provide you with a finish that will not rust, comes with a guarentee and will also provide us with a great base to work with.

We can paint your chassis in any color you require although most people will want a durable low gloss black finish. You may also wish to consider having the underside of your vehicle stonchipped or spray sealed to accompany your refurbished chassis to provide long lasting protection to those areas most prone to rust on the majority of classic vehicles.

Chassis refurbishment and modification is no small task however we provide a full body off chassis restoration service for those who require it, wether it be to treat rust and damage, entirely replace the original or to modify the chassis to fit those big drag wheels you have been waiting for, simply get in touch with as much information as possible and we will be happy to provide you with a quote!