Custom Exotics paintwork has won many awards on the European show scene for the last few years!

Our premier repaint and repair service has served many customers, some of whom have since received thier own awards for thier personalised vehicles which we helped to create. Achieving show winning results takes skill, time and patience; virtues which we rely on to uphold our reputation amongst the general public and customers new and old.

However it is not only show cars we work on and any car which passes through our doors gets treated with the same care and attention to detail that is the backbone of our business.

Our paintwork can be applied to all sorts of mediums, Cars, Bikes, Boats, Planes, Brake calipers, Engines, Engine bays, Chassis, Wheels, Light units
- basically anything paint will stick to!

Custom Exotics can use any colour or paint effect you may require so please feel free to call in to view our colour chips or simply bring in or email an image or sample of what you want and we will do our best to match exactly what you have requested.

We promise to colour match as close as possible to make sure that your fresh paintwork matches the old.

We offer Various Laquer finishes to suit the varying tastes and requirements of our customers:

Gun Finish - Straight off the gun with 2 coats of laquer and a light flat and polish to remove any dirt from the top coat.

Show Finish - Our preferred Finish! 3 Coats of laquer, a full flat and polish removing any dirt and a lot of peel from the surface without removing the deep shine of gun finish.

Mirror Finish - Laquered and heavily flatted then Re-laquered and polished to remove any surface peel or dirt for that mirror smooth like appearance! We find it looses some of the deep shine and life of a gun or show finish but many show winning cars are finished this way!