Chris Walker
Daren Parish - Another satisfied customer

Here we say thank you to all the people and friends who have helped us along our way over the years!

Chris Walker
A long time friend of the company, resident tea boy and quality control guy! Always a laugh when Chris is around, so a big thank you Sir!

Keith Rogers
Precision engineer and experienced panel beater/welder. A close friend of the company; apologies to his long suffering wife Wendy! Thanks Keith for everything you've done for us over the years.

Carol Brocklehurst
Thank you Carol for putting up with us all! We know it must be hell!

Gill - GT Images
Thank you Gill for letting us use your fantastic pictures on our site.

Edd Smith - smithmyster-photos
Thanks Edd for the use of your pictures!

Barry & Edd
Company friends, who attend every show with us and more! Thanks for all the support guys, the best customers you could wish for.

Daren Parish
A big thanks for letting us build some amazing cars, he has become an incredible friend and customer to the company!