Wheel refurbs may be for minor sratches, deep curb marks, flaking laquer or simply a change of colour!

Whatever your needs we can provide the right service for you, whether you have machined or polished lips we can get them back to the way they used to be!

Certain types of machined finnishes can be hard to repair especially when they are laquered. These types of repair may need to be sent away at little extra cost to be stripped and re machined. An alternative option would be to have us strip them back ouselves and apply a different painted finnish of your choice.

We can also laquer chrome wheels, or use chrome effect paints to provide you with a chrome or black chrome finish without the hassle of having to worry about looking after those easily corroded finishes!

You name the finish and we'll be happy to help;
kandy, metal flakes and chrome effect we have already tried them all!

Please contact us for more information!